Installer le minimalist pspsdk sur Windows via minpspw

This tut should hopefully help anyone who wishes to bother install the minimalist pspsdk. The minimalist pspsdk is also used to compile programs to run on the psp but does not include everything included in the psptoolchain, only the necessary files.

Those of us using windows (I go back and forth xD) cannot simply install the pspsdk natively, but there are alternatives.
One of the best (and definitely the easiest is called minpspw, the minimalist pspsdk. This package contains everything you need to setup a basic pspsdk in a windows environment.

Installation is very simple.

step #1 – download the latest version of minpspw

The latest version can be downloaded here:
Minimalist PSPSDK

step #2 – select components for installation

Once the download is complete run the installer. Click « next », accept the license agreement and click « next » again. You should now be at the « choose components » screen. This screen lets you select what will and will not be installed. By default, « PSP DevKit », « SDK Samples », « PSP Link », « HTML Documentation », and « Basic Devpaks » are selected for installation, while « Visual Studio Support » and « Man/Info Pages » are not.

I suggest you leave all the defaults selected and they are all somewhat essential for developing for the psp. if you are going to be coding using microsoft visual studio then you need to select « Visual Studio Support » for installation. I will leave the installation of « Man/Info Pages » up to you.

When you are finished selecting components for installation, click « next ».

step #3 – complete installation

This screen is the standard « select destination » screen. You can change the location of installation, but I highly suggest you leave it in its default location when you are done click « install ». Once it is complete, click « next », then « finish ».

step #4 – adding pspsdk environment variables

The last step to installing the pspsdk on windows is adding the pspsdk to the environmental variables. To keep this simple, I am not going to go into much detail concerning getting to menu for modifying environment variables. Each version of windows is different, so just google « how to modify environment variables on windows [insert version here] ».

Once you have reached the environment variables menu, select the variable called « Path » in the « system variables » box and click the « edit » button. Once the dialog box pops up, place the cursor at the end of the statement in the « Variable Value » box.

With the cursor at the end of the statement, add this (no spaces) : ;C:\pspsdk

Once that is done you are set to go. You have successfully completed installing the pspsdk on windows via minpspw! Congrats! Now get to coding!

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